Microbe Whisperer’s Video and Written Blogs’ Goal

All people, businesses, and endeavors need to strive with goals in mind that are meaningful and, hopefully successful. Endeavoring for such a goal is the dedication of these written and video blogs. A strategy is to produce technology-based blogs meeting three primary aims; Learning, Significance, and Entertainment by sharing the regard and love of science.

  1. Learning – Network science and network theory is less than 50 years old, but all human and natural systems are under its purview and controls. Focusing on an aim of teaching and mentoring biotechnological, microbiological, ecological, and evolutionary systems including human-engineered networks. This effort reflects the 30-plus years of technical experience, education, and expertise.
  2. Significance – Complexity is a fundamental attribute of many, if not all natural and human-constructed networks. This network quality is one of many components that positions them as significant on earth. Stephen J. Hawking, one the intellectual leaders of our time, feels that complexity will define the 21st Agreeing with Dr. Hawking on the importance of complex networks and systems, the significance of our assessment is a prime reason that teaching and discussing network science and its component; Complex Adaptive Systems, i.e. CAS, is so essential.
  3. Entertainment – If the information and opinions shared and discussed will only be of value if people are interested enough to view or read the blogs. Networks are essential to the natural and human world, but I have to be entertaining enough for people to discover, discuss, and learn about the science and biotechnology of networks and their impact on humankind and nature.

First, an introduction is in order. I am a “baby boomer,” a researcher and scientist, Doctor Robert, Bob Paterek. Microbe Whisperer is my “brand” and alter ego that  I hope reflects my love and ambition for microbial biotechnology. As lifelong student concerning this world trait, and one of the purposes is to share and teach an overwhelming love of science and nature. This activity is not only a lofty goal but it a self-serving need to continue learning and teaching about nature and its life forms.

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